Ausmwifi offers you a high speed internet service that does not use your cable or phone lines. This wireless service can be used in your own home or anywhere in the service coverage area with speeds of 1MB - 5MBs.


  • 1 Mb only $19.99 per month
  • 3 Mb only $24.99 per month
  • 5 Mb only $34.99 per month
30 day money back guarantee
  • No long term contracts to sign
  • No phone line or cable connection required
  • Coverage good throughout the City of Austin
Fast Affordable Convenient

To sign up for Wifi Service, please stop in to the Jaguar Communications office located at 507 1st St NW, Suite B, Austin, MN 55912, or call (507) 355-1000 for more information.

AusmWiFi Setup & Trouble Shooting:

We have included a setup and troubleshooting guide in pdf format for your convenience. If you need technical support, please contact us at 507-355-1000.

AusmWiFi Setup & Trouble Shooting Guide


  • What parts of town will be covered by AUSMwifi city-wide wireless?
    A: Most of the city of Austin will be covered by our wireless service.
  • Is there any activation fee or expensive hardware to buy to use the service?
    A: There will be no activation fees to sign up for AUSMwifi Wireless service.
  • Will I lose internet service when it storms?
    A: Lightning can obviously cause issues with any electronic device, however the wireless service is very reliable.
  • Will I be able to go anywhere in town and use my service?
    A: Yes! With a wireless ready laptop you can access your wireless internet from anywhere outdoors in the city’s covered area, as long as there are no large objects of interference such as buildings or thick tree cover.
  • Will any WiFi device work on the AUSMwifi wireless service?
    A: Some devices may not be supported by AUSMwifi ’s wireless service due to compatibility or lack of adequate signal strength.
  • I have my own wireless equipment. Can I use it?
    A: It is highly recommended that you use hardware tested and approved by AUSMwifi for use with the wireless service, other hardware may not be supported.
  • Will I be able to take my Laptop to the park and access the internet?
    A: Parks throughout Austin will be indirectly covered by the wireless service. Gaps in service may occur depending on location and interferences.
  • Can someone outside of Austin get AUSMwifi Wireless service?
    A: Unfortunately, at this time, only people within the range of the City Wide wireless will be able to access AUSMwifi’s wireless service.
  • Are there any contracts required to get AUSMwifi wireless service?
    A: No.
  • Will AUSMwifi ’s wireless network act like my wireless network at home?
    A: No. AusmWiFi is designed to provide an internet service, not share an internet connection like your home Router. You can not use the AusmWiFi for connecting to your wireless printer, or sharing files like you could on a home wireless network.
  • Is Wireless Internet safe? What security do I need to protect my PC while using city wide Wireless?
    A: To protect your home PC we recommend a router/firewall, current antivirus, and spyware removal software.
  • I currently have DSL service with SMIG, is wireless better than DSL?
    A: Wireless internet is not necessarily better than DSL services, but it does not depend upon a phone line, or cable connection.
  • What are the benefits of Wireless over other high-speed options such as Cable and DSL?
    A: Mobility and cost reduction.
  • Will there be “peak” times, where the wireless slows down ?
    A: Our wireless network pipeline is built for speed and setup to be robust and flexible.
  • If I have Wireless service with AUSMwifi , will people around me be able to access my internet or personal Files?
    A: If you have a router/firewall installed in your home, your personal files should be protected.
  • How does AUSMwifi wireless service work?
    A: All over town there are connection devices attached to light poles sending out wireless signals that allow your home wireless devices/CPEs to connect to them.